Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a trendy, economic and healthy sport that since many year is practiced regularly even in Elba since is a sport suitable to everybody at all ages. It’s in fact easy to learn and it’s a complete training that puts in action as much as 90% of the body muscles.

By reducing 30% of load on the musculoskeletal system, is particularly recommended for people suffering from weight or knee problems.

On our island you can admire marvelous landscapes and the blend of air, see and mountain , allows, in addition to training, to also enjoy benefits for your health.

It’s sufficient to walk keeping an optimal cardiac frequency; this improves blood oxygenation and even in just one hour you already get excellent results stimulating even the metabolic system.

The benefits of Nordic Walking are several:

It’s possible to increase the consumption of calories up to 46%, burning up to 400 calories per hour, against the 280 of a normal walk. It strengthens the muscles of many parts of the body : abdomen, chest, back, shoulders and forearms, also dissolving muscle contractions in the shoulders and neck area. In overweight people the use of sticks reduces the stress of the joints of the knees and is an excellent exercise for these joints. Nordic Walking is also really good for the vertebral column and for the neck articulations, enhances your heart rate reaching 147 beats per minutes. The use of poles ensures the safety of the walk by helping not to slip on adverse terrain.

It can be easily learnt by everyone and you just have to wear practical and light clothing, sneakers or trekking shoes and Nordic Walking sticks. Handy but not essential is an heart rate monitor.

Everything else is provided by our fantastic island!

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