Group tourism

The price is collective,
the service is personalized.

At Villaggio Turistico Innamorata we reserve a special treatment and attention for our guests.
If you are part of a large group you will have a double benefit: the one of a collective price and the one of the personalized service. Our apartments are equipped with all the comforts of a 3 star hotel with an additional kitchenette for autonomy and freedom during your stay.
But unlike normal hotels we don't have one rigid structure with the hall and corridors with rooms all in a row. The Villaggio is in fact composed of four independent villas located from 30 meters up to maximum 300 meters away from the beautiful beach of the Innamorata bay.

What to do

The promontory of Calamita is a privileged base for water and land sports, for walks and recreation, athletic training, cultural study and also for spiritual disciplines.
The Villaggio with its well-kept gardens offers sights for meditation, reading, conversation and study. The swimming pool, free of charge and reserved for our guests, allows diving and underwater courses. The tennis and 5-a-side football court, lets you refine your workout or can simply be an opportunity for an improvised match, a perfect excuse to jump into the sea afterwards. The two solarium terraces also make possible yoga practice, and if that wasn't enough, at a few minutes’ walk away, the world of Calamita Natural Park opens, with kilometers of perfect paths to practice Nordic walking, mountain bike, jogging and trekking through lunar sceneries.

trekking religiosi

Religious trekking

Gorgeous religious trekking paths, focused on Christian religiosity and easily accessible by everybody.
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napoleone isola d'elba

Discovering Napoleon

If you are planning an holiday that will also make you discover the History of the Island, you will definitely have to visit the places that were dear to the Emperor.
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Cycle tourism for groups

Our Villaggio Turistico has the privilege to be located right at the Bike Park gates offering you the opportunity for a full immersion in the world of cycling.
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nordicwalking isola d'elba

Nordic Walking
for groups

At the Villaggio Innamorata we give importance and we try to encourage all those practices that have no impact on our environment.
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Special offers for groups

If you are more than 9 people and share a passion, we have a proposal that will allow you to realize your dreams set in a paradise.
Group price but personalized service.

Hotel service

Prices starting from:

Bed and breakfast
40 euro per person

Half Board
50 euro per person

Full Board
60 euro per person

Packed lunch provided for excursions

Info and Reservations
by phone at n° 0565.939104 / 02 - 0565.968934
by Fax at n° 0565.939094
by e-mail: