Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
  • Accettate il BONUS VACANZE?

    Sì, accettiamo il bonus vacanze.

  • Will the pool be open?

    Yes. The chlorine contained in water is one of the best disinfectants against viruses. There will only be a limitation to the number of bathers in the pool at the same time.

  • How will the restaurant be organized?

    Our Restaurant "Lo Scialà" is a long terrace overlooking the sea completely outdoors. Even using the limits of distance larger than the meter provided, the size of the room allows us to have enough seats for our guests.

  • What hygiene or safety measures are taken on site?

    All those provided for in the protocols published by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and not only, we will also adopt measures that are not mandatory but which seem particularly important to us: 
    the pillows will be sanitized and left in "quarantine" for at least a week before being reused; 
    indoor environments will be sanitized by ozone with the use of an atomizer; 
    you can choose whether to have the supply of sheets and towels in packs individually packaged by the industrial laundry or find the bed made by our employees (strictly equipped with gloves and mask in every operation carried out inside the room); 
    with your help check in and check out at a distance, without having to go through the reception. 
    The village is completely outdoor (except for the reception and the minimarket) there are no corridors and the tables of the restaurant and bars are located on beautiful terraces overlooking the sea.

  • Le restaurant Conte Domingo est-il ouvert ?

    No, for this year it will be closed, but Lo Scialà Restaurant offers the same splendid view of the sunset.

  • Is there a miniclub and animation?

    the animation activity this year ended in August.

  • Is it possible to use the free beach?

    Yes. The safety distance will obviously have to be observed.

  • Will we find a place on the ferry? Do you have any discounts?

    Yes. Upon confirmation you will receive a discount code with which you can book the ferry at a reduced price.
    Moreover, this year throughout the season it will be possible to start and end your stay on any day of the week, thus avoiding the fullest (and most expensive) days.

  • For shopping?

    To avoid queues in the two supermarkets (COOP and CONAD) in the village centre 4 km away, we have reached an agreement with the minimarket in our village, which will increase the amount of food. If you need items that are not in the shop, you can have an almost complete range of products at Innamorata if you order them the day before.