Get to know Elba!

As you probably know Elba is the third largest Italian island and the biggest one of the Tuscan Archipelago. What perhaps you might don’t know yet is that in 223 square kilometres of surface area and 147 km of coastline you can find, besides a simply splendid sea, transparent, clean and with seabeds that will amaze you, plenty of things to do.

Following, we point out some of the main opportunities, however, during your holiday our reception staff will be happy to give you tips on the best places to visit, itineraries and current events.

museo del mare

Sea Museum of Capoliveri

This museum is entirely dedicated to the shipwreck of the Polluce that sank the 17th of June 1841 after ramming offshore of Capo Calvo. Passengers and crew were rescued, but the ship’s cargo got lost until recently. Since 2000, between various adventures, the sunken treasure has been found. It consisted of coins and precious remains that now can be admired in the rooms of the small but charming museum.



Guided tour of the museum and the Ginevro underground gallery. Interesting journey to discover magnetite and the history of the miners. The experience is recommended by visitors who have already tried it. The visit is also possible by booking the Mine Safari excursion on board a large military jeep.

miniere calamita

The mines of Mount Calamita – Capoliveri

The mines narrate the traditions and culture of Capoliveri, past stories of people proud to belong to a hard but at the same time precious and bright soil like some minerals extracted from the mine. In the whole island, the Ginevro gallery is the only one underground and can be visited by reservation.

elba napoleone

Napoleon’s Villas dei Mulini and San Martino

The history wanted Elba to be the place chosen by Napoleon for his own exile that lasted 10 months, beginning from May 1814. The Emperor, shortly before his departure for Elba, wrote to the General Delasme: “(…) I have reserved for myself the sovereignty of the island of Elba and the strongholds of Portoferraio and Porto Longone. This enabled all my powers (…). Please, make known this new state of affairs to the inhabitants and the choice I made of their island to be my place of stay in consideration of the gentleness of their customs and the goodness of their climate. They will be the constant object of my greatest interest.” And so it was, and in fact there are many public and private projects whose traces still remain on the island; the best known are the two residences.
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musei elba

Linguella and Marciana Archaeological Museums

Elba has an ancient history and along its coastline there are many commercial ship wrecks that testify the importance that the Tuscan Archipelago had in the ancient sailing routes.
In these two museums you can learn about the original past of our island through archaeological exhibits from the Etruscan and Roman times. In particular, you can see amphorae, vases, weapons and tools found on board of the roman ships and in the Villas of Linguella, Capo Castello and Le Grotte (The Caves).

miniere di rio

Rio Marina Mineral Park

Guided tours to the museum and the mineral park on board of a nice “little train” with a stop for the collection of minerals.



Did you came to Elba for the sea? Great! So why don’t you get to know it in depth? The seabed of Elba is truly beautiful, diving in these waters and discovering shipwrecks, submerged statues, fishes, corals and gorgonians is a truly fascinating experience.
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elba sottacqua

Boat excursions with underwater viewing

If your dream is to be able to admire the underwater scenery, but you don’t feel capable of diving, with the glass-bottom boat you can try this experience comfortably sitting inside the boat.

Boat Tours of the Island

Boat Tours of the Island

Circumnavigate Elba Island is the quickest way to learn about the beauty and variety of its coastline. Elba knows how to fascinate and surprise you with its nature that changes from one side of it to the other. There are planned stops for swimming and lunch on board.

Ausflüge auf die anderen Inseln des Archipels

Excursions to the other islands of the Archipelago

Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago and is the one that incorporates all the landscapes, but a trip to the other islands is really an opportunity not to be missed, an holiday within the holiday.

Elba Aquarium

Elba Aquarium

Small but well-kept, the aquarium of Elba, with an exhibition surface of about 1000 square meters, offers the opportunity to admire the incredible biodiversity of the waters of Elba and the Tuscan archipelago, with over 150 different species. You’ll also find the reconstruction of the various Mediterranean fauna and flora environments.



For trekking enthusiasts, an excursion to the Volterraio Castle is definitely recommended.
The fortification, which is called Monte Veltraio in 13th-century documents, was built around the year 1000, probably on the site of an earlier structure from Etruscan times.
Guided tours can be booked on the Tuscan Archipelago Park website.

terme san giovanni

Terme di San Giovanni

An holiday is the perfect time to take care of yourself, to enjoy moments of wellbeing of your body and relax the mind. Imagine an health journey through Finnish Sauna, Turkish Bath, Mini Hydro Massage Pool, Emotional Shower with a herbal tea corner. Special is the “Salt Room”, whose walls are covered in tiles made of salt crystals. Entering the room you immediately feel a sense of well-being.”